Fluoride Varnish

What is Fluoride Varnish?

It is a thin coating of fluoride that is applied to the tooth surface.

What are the benefits of Fluoride Varnish?

Fluoride varnish strengthens the tooth enamel and can help prevent tooth decay. It is important to brush twice a day with a family fluoride toothpaste and cut down how often you eat sugar.

Who needs it?

All children from 3 years of age will benefit from fluoride varnish. Also some adults who are more at risk of tooth decay

How often does it need applying?

This varies; some people need 2 applications a year, whilst others may require 4. It is very important to attend each appointment to get the best possible results.

How much will it cost?

Fluoride varnish application is part of NHS dental care, which is free of charge for children. Ask your dental team for charges for adult patients.

How is it applied?

The process is simple, painless and takes only a few minutes. The teeth are dried and  thin coating of fluoride is applied to the teeth with a tiny brush. The varnish sets immediately.

Fluoride application and Oral Health Education

Free here to all under 18’s

Here at the practice we are lucky to have 2 Oral Health Educators who can apply fluoride varnish and give advice on tooth brushing and diet to keep your teeth healthy.

Natasha is available in clinics on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with a late night up till 7pm on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

We are also promoting tooth brushing, we can help your child to brush teeth correctly using a disclosing tablet. This shows in colour where you have missed with your tooth brush. To help fight decay you need to effectively brush teeth twice a day, spit out the excess and do not rinse. Our team can help motivate and teach your child to look after their teeth and help fight decay.

Your child will benefit from fluoride please see a member of the dental team to book an appointment.

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